DJ Yaya

Included in the show is NSD’s very own DJ Yaya who acts as the event host. Her energy is contagious and her song selection is on point. Not only will she choose songs that your guests will love, but she will process their song requests and keep them dancing all night.

DJ Yaya grew up with an appreciation for music and dance, and her talent for both is evident at every show. Her background in music includes playing the clarinet in her school band, singing in competitions and dabbling with various instruments such as the acoustic guitar and drums. During the band’s live performance, you’ll often see her entertaining guests with her tambourine. Dancing, however, is her more natural passion. She can’t NOT dance when she hears music. With her training in belly dancing, contemporary, and pole dancing, she is sure to dazzle you with her moves as she lights up the dance floor with your guests.