New Soul Duo will play 3 live 50 min sets (minimum). They play top hit songs and classics from every decade. They are highly energetic and experts when it comes to reading a crowd. So all you have to do is enjoy the experience. Your guests will talk about it for years to come!


NSD will provide DJ dance music during the band breaks and after the live show ends. Song requests can be taken during this time as well. If you wish to take your event to the next level, you can order their on-call contract DJ ‘Najee’ for optimal audience engagement and a balanced musical experience.


Music will be provided for the entire ceremony. This includes a custom playlist for the pre/post-ceremony and the songs of your choice for the processional, recessional, signing, and any other parts of the ceremony. These can be played live or they can be your favourite artist recordings.


Customized playlists have been assembled to give you an ideal mix of popular songs from every genre to cater to a variety of your guests age brackets and tastes. They include a mix of rock, pop and soul from every decade, but you are welcome to add your suggestions or even your own specified playlists.


Personalize your event with songs for those special key moments. Request in advance your ideas for which songs to play during presentations, cake cutting, garter and bouquet toss.


  • An optional free hour consultation with a band member before your event (local only)
  • A wireless microphone system for the MCs/officiant
  • A full dance-light setup
  • Control of venue lighting throughout the evening to match ambiance of the different phases throughout the event
  • LED props and party supplies
  • A beautiful black and gold sequin backdrop, great for photos
  • Professional non-residue AV tape to cover ground cables, ensuring the safety of your guests
  • Stanchion barriers to deter your guests from tampering with or damaging audio equipment
  • Late evening photos and videos from the band, for when your photographer is no longer around