Maximize Your Live Music Experience

These are some tips that NSD has acquired over the years that will give you and your guests the best night possible. Any of these will enhance your NSD experience!

• Placing the bar near the dance floor will keep the guests together and the party going!

• If possible, a stage for NSD (dimensions: 8′ x 12′) will help guests see the band and increase the dramatic effect. You may ask the reception venue if they can help with this request.

• Providing a storage room/area will minimize time looking for storage, as well as eliminate clutter in the event hall.

• If a dance floor needs to be created after dinner by removing dining tables, please consider the guests that will have to give up their seats. We suggest that no seniors be placed at tables that will need to be moved.

• Serving dinner to NSD first (or close to the beginning of dinner) will ensure that the performance will start on time.